Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties


Junk and Trash Removal

With the Blue Stone Commercial Works Company crew at your service, you need not stress yourself over handling the trash disposal at your office or commercial establishment. Depending on your need, we can collect your garbage in bulk or provide periodical pickup services. Our team also offers eviction services as well as appliance disposal.

Bathroom and Tile Refinishing

We have maintained the same refinishing process since our establishment in 1998. With our experience, you can trust that we will transform the appearance of your bathtub and tiles to look brand-new again. This service includes the following:

Removal of caulking surrounding the area to be refinished

Stripping of old finish

Etching of surface for proper bonding to finish if required

Repair of any chips and cracks present

Drying and masking

Applying of primer coats

Applying of top coats


If you want custom colors for your finish, please give us two weeks’ notice before we start on your project. We also offer recaulking services upon request.


Graffiti Removal

With our water recovery equipment, our team can provide limited pressure washing for sidewalk cleaning and curb paint stripping. We also use a hot pressure washing method to clean car garages and remove graffiti from building walls.

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